Zindia’s ongoing strategic agenda is premised on the following principles:

  • Channel investment and operational participation to create a market for value-add activity
  • Supply the market with raw material
  • Own assets to ensure supply continuity and generate a long term asset management model
  • Leverage technology, systems and creative thinking to generate enhancements in value-chains and new revenue models
  • Partnering with Adani Group to develop a Timber Industrial Park in Gujarat, India
  • Establish advanced timber manufacturing and logistics across 1,000 acres
  • US$300m+ capital investment and >$1bn in value-add output
  • Targeting $1bn+ in annual sales of log, lumber and processed timber exports into India, China, Korea and M-east
  • Global sourcing footprint – North America, NZ, Australia, South Africa, Latin America, Fiji
  • Sustainable supply and long term offtake agreements
  • Establish a Timber Fund to acquire and manage sustainable timberland assets
  • Enable captive log supply and develop a long-term asset ownership model
  • Multinational focus - including Australasia, South Africa, Fiji, Latin America
  • Targeting sustainable, ethical and compliant assets
  • Leverage value creation and enhancement opportunities in the timber product supply chain
  • Create new digital models to address pain-points in existing value-chain
  • Establish a digital B2B platform for our Timber Industrial Park
  • Create new revenue streams from timberland assets