Global Supply Platform

We are establishing a truly global sourcing footprint to enable large scale exports of logs, lumber and engineered wood products into India, China, Korea and middle-east. By 2020 we are targeting annual sales of > US$1bn.

In India, our core focus is on being the anchor supply of primary timber products to manufacturers within the Timber Industrial Park. As an exclusive raw material supplier into this industrial zone, we are targeting annual flows of > 7m cbm of sustainable softwoods and hardwoods into the Timber Industrial Park

In India we are also developing a nation wide distribution system to channel primary timber products to end users across the country
For China, Korea and Middle-east, we are partnering with existing distributers

Our hypothesis is that amidst rapid growth in demand for timber products in India over the next 5-20 years, the shape of how that demand is fulfilled will also face material change. Key dynamics undergoing change here are:

Growing reliance on importing primary timber (logs and lumber) – in response to growing demand and dwindling domestic supply within India.
Shift from hardwoods to softwoods – in response to reducing overall global supply of sustainable hardwoods, changing consumer preferences and lower overall cost of sourcing and handling softwoods

China and Korea too are expected to continue having steady growth in demand for sustainable imported primary timber. In the Middle-east, we see strong growth in demand for timber products in specific markets like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran, given large scale investments in infrastructure, construction and industrial activity.

Our global supply program is empowered by the following attributes;

Long term offtake contracts with established suppliers, including Weyerhaeuser (world’s largest timberlands owner), major timberlands groups in South Africa and Latin America, and multiple timberland asset owners in Australasia
Dedicated focus on only procuring from ethical and sustainable plantations
Integrated value-chain participation, right from coordinating internal logistics in the country of origin, to bulk vessel chartering, to delivering to our end customers’ site